All payments are made through the registration system (Paypal) at:

The registration fee per person for the 4 salons is:

1 section : € 25

2 sections : € 30

3 sections : € 35

4 sections : € 40

Club registration:

A club registration consists of a minimum of five participants. The manager registers first as the club manager. He can participate or not. The other members of the club register individually in club registration, member of a club and by entering the name of the club, and the email address of the club manager. At the end of the registration, the price to be paid and the discounts for the clubs will be calculated automatically. It is the club manager who will pay in one go from his club account. Catalogs and any prices will be sent to the manager's address. In case of problem see the tab: Club registration help.

All payments are made through the registration system (Paypal) at:

Club rates: € 30 per person and regardless of the number of images and sections.

Entries for which an insufficient fee or no participation fee has been paid will not be judged. Only checks issued by French banks will be accepted.

Check payable to "French Digital Tour" and sent to: Gérard Barbier – 4 Bis La Genaudière – 44650 Legé