The French Digital Tour 2021 is: 1 circuit, 4 lounges, 4 sections (free Color (PSA PID color), free Monochrome (PSA PID monochrome), Nature (PSA ND), Theme: Street scene (PSA PID color)), 4 independent judgments and 5 patronages. More than 500 awards including a prize of € 300 for the best author of the circuit.

The results of the French Digital Tour 2021 are now available

Best author of the circuit 2021 : Pillik Manfred Austria

Fédération photographique France FPF 2021/10-11-12-13
Fédération internationale de l'art photographique' FIAP 2021/294-295-296-297
Global photographic union GPU L210091
Photographic society of America PSA 2021 - 1489
Image sans frontière ISF 2021/ 24-25-26-27